Are you ready for a kitchen transformation this year? Get inspired by the beauty of this Cambria Galloway quartz countertops in this home where you will see a painted blue kitchen island paired with painted gray kitchen cabinets along the perimeter.  Blue cabinets are something we are seeing frequently right now, especially as an accent to a more neutral color in the home such as gray or even a soft white.  And blue…it’s the perfect color paired with Cambria Galloway that is “deep and mysterious like the waters off a rocky coast, it lures furtive glances. It is a mix of sea, sand and time and shines like a luminescent pearl inside a rough and blackened oyster shell”.  It’s very stunning!

In this home you’ll also find Cambria Ellesmere on the bathroom vanities.  Ellesmere has “sketching impressions of canals that connect three rivers with the sea, it spins a tale of tall ships standing proud in a harbor off the moss-covered shores of a coastal town.”  Can easily be paired with gray painted cabinets, white or a coppery brown.  

You won’t believe how truly stunning these Cambria Galloway quartz countertops and Cambria Ellesmere are until you visit one of our Cambria Gallery locations in Sioux Falls and Rapid City or our Stone Center showroom.  But that’s not all you’ll see there.  Cambria has more than 140 designs and we have them all.  Make the Stone Center your first stop for your kitchen transformation…and you’ll believe it when you see it.