There is so much natural beauty in this home one really needs to see it!  When this homeowner remodeled and added onto their existing home, they moved in with mom.   It was a project that took several months.  Lots of decision to make and so many options.  With small children in the home, they specifically wanted virtually maintenance-free countertops.  But what product and what design.  Learning that Cambria was made in their home state of Minnesota, the product decision was easy.  Not able to zero in on just one design for their whole home, they opted to use several designs beginning with Cambria Galloway quartz on the combination kitchen island that include wood and quartz; accented by Cambria Canongate on the perimeter cabinets.  In the family room you’ll find a large u-shaped wet bar with Cambria Sheffield countertops.  If you wander the basement for some entertainment, you’ll find a wine cellar with Cambria Blackwood and the master bathroom vanity showcases Cambria Darlington.   Once the home was completed, mom decided to move in with the kids while her home was getting remodeled. 

Making countertop decisions can be over-whelming.  There are a variety of products with an array of colors and designs.  Choosing the best product for your project can be challenging.  We can help make your decisions a little easier.  Visit the Stone Center and let one of our designers assist you in finding the best product and design for your style, needs, and budget.  Once your countertop has been decided, they can provide you with some backsplash options as well.  Let us help you turn your home into something that’s out of this world.