What’s not to love about this beautiful home.  Take a little tour and you’ll find a Cambria quartz countertops in pretty much every room.  A popular design right now is Cambria Ella.  It has an ivory white background with delicate grey veins running across its surfaces with the organic appeal of natural marble.  Ella belongs to the Cambria’s Marble Collection, an impressive range of quartz stones that evoke the beauty of natural marble without the inherent maintenance issues of natural stone.  You’ll also find Ella in the mud room and powder bath.  The wet bar features Cambria Berwyn; while the other vanities feature Cambria Fieldstone, Bellingham, and Cambria Oakmoor.  All of these designs fall into the white and grey trend and complement each other throughout the home.  

Cambria is tougher than marble or granite making it more durable and is less likely to stain, chip or scratch than natural stone. Cambria quartz is maintenance free with a simple cleaning regime of soapy water and a kitchen cloth. Because of its non-porous nature, this quartz stone does not absorb liquids, moisture and food leftovers avoiding the potential growth of bacteria which makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories and healthcare facilities.

Where can you get it?  The Stone Center, our retail showroom that showcases all 140+ Cambria designs and have designers on staff to assist you in selecting the best Cambria design for your project.