The kitchen is the most popular room in the house. It has become the center for all activities, including school work, cooking, and entertaining.  These homeowners needed a large island to accommodate their family of five.  After looking at several countertop options they fell in love with Cambria Seagrove kitchen countertops.  They wanted the countertops to be fun and exciting with grays and whites, something that would add character to their home.  Cambria Seagrove does just that; it feels like restless silver-capped waves rolling across a deep foamy sea with undercurrents of green lurking beneath the surface.   And, just look at that backsplash!  A diamond shaped, marble look tile with a little gemstone from Glazzio that adds glitz to the kitchen.  They love it, and we love it.

We enjoy working with our customers and we love seeing the finished results of their projects.  It’s pure excitement to help them create a kitchen they love.  Let our design team at the Stone Center assist you with your kitchen or project.  We’ve got more than 140 Cambria designs and a large selection of tile for your backsplash, your floor, your shower surround and fireplace to choose from.  Our team will assist you in selecting the best product for your needs, your style, and your budget.  Let’s create some excitement for your family…let’s start your kitchen remodel or new home today.  Come visit us at the Stone Center.