On The Road Again...

Going on a little vacation?  Headed out on a business trip?  Need a car for your travels?  ACE Rent A Car in Minneapolis opened in 2020 with a custom car rental reception desk and cabinetry.  They have been providing great customer service and exceptional value to car rental customers since 1966.   Then in 1986, they launched a proprietary reservation system – ACE Reservations.  And, today ACE Rent A Car Reservations is the largest chain of independent rental operators in the world. 

ACE Rent A Car insists on a set of standards.  ACE dealer/operators typically have ten years of car rental experience.  They have a passion for providing quality customer service for they believe quality service will bring customers back again and again.  At ACE they offer a high quality fleet of vehicles with a variety of choices.  As a customer you will always get a clean, safe, reliable vehicle.  Because ACE Rent A Car locations are locally owned and operated they have the luxury and flexibility to make business decisions that provide the product to the customer without all the unnecessary overhead fee, like franchise fees.  And, they are given that freedom to make decisions that are best for the customer, their business, their community and family.  

At Creative Surfaces we pride ourselves on quality customer service too.  All of our projects are designed by our talented team of artists and draftsmen; then built by our skilled and detailed craftsmen.  Once the project is completed in our shop it is loaded onto a delivery truck and headed to the project site.  There our install team will meet the truck and begin the process of installing the cabinets, signage, and countertops.  

Like ACE Rent A Car, we too are locally owned and operated.  We have the luxury of making decisions that we believe are in the best interests of our customers, their project needs and budget.  Like the car rental reception desk, we offer and design many projects with elements that set our customers’ particular project apart from other like industry projects.  Creating that visually thrilling project whether is be cabinets or signage gives our customer that WOW factor and brings them back again for future project needs.  In our business…no two projects are the same and no project is too big or too small.  Let us assist you with your next project.