Commercial Lockers That Meet Your Needs

School Lockers, Gym Lockers. Business Lockers. Personal Lockers.  Great for students, athletes, employees, your children’s bedrooms or personnel storage needs. These lockers secure personal belongings for safe-keeping.   So what makes our lockers so special?  At Creative Surfaces we design, build and install custom commercial lockers to specifically meet our customers needs. 

If you need lockers for a locker room, we put thoughtful details into the project to enhance it.  At Creative Surfaces we can help with the extra details that create a complete locker room environment.  Details such as custom designed vanity stations, towel drops, and unique bench options.  If your locker room requires doorless lockers, we can do that.  They might require doors with a locking system, we can do that too.  Give them a VIP locker.  Within these luxury lockers you will find a drawer to store personal items, a power outlet for hair dryers and curling wands, a rod to hang clothing, a mirror for grooming …AND every locker is equipped with a Digilock® to keep personal belongings secure.

As office spaces become more and more flexible, the need for corporate/employee lockers is growing quickly – give your employees a secure place to leave their personal items in communal settings.   A locker to hang their coat, a place to store both shoes and extra hanging items.

Need lockers for your kids’ bedroom?  No problem.  We can do a single stack, double or triple stack.  Or we can take old metal lockers and re-paint them to fit your child’s room decor.  Give them a locker for all their toys, school books, clothing, and fun stuff.   You know…the stuff they want to hide from mom and dad.  

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota we are one of the largest producers of wood veneer and plastic laminate lockers in the United States.