Commercial Countertops

We provide high-quality custom commercial countertops at Creative Surfaces!

We can work with your specs to provide proper materials or meet certain functional criteria required for all your particular custom commercial countertops. Clients sometimes contact us with only an idea of what they’re actually looking for.  We carry all the countertop surfaces – quartz, granite, solid surface, and laminate.   If you want to see all our countertop products for your commercial project, please visit our retail showroom.

And, with our many years of  experience in the custom commercial countertop business, we can help you find the right product for your application:

At Creative Surfaces our Sales Team and Project Managers are adept at communicating with our customers and their subcontractors. We understand the urgency of your schedule and strive to keep all projects flowing smoothly. Dedicated in-house commercial template and install crews also specialize in the unique needs of a commercial jobsite and adhere to all required safety and communication requirements.

We are your partner from the beginning of the project to installing the finished product and working with you each step of the way.  Call us today….605-336-1572