A trip to the dentist’s office shouldn’t scare you. On the contrary, you’re taking charge of your health, which should ideally make you feel empowered. After your appointment, you’ll have a bright smile and the improved self-confidence that goes along with it.   The professionals at Dr. Scanlon’s office work together as a team to make your trip to the clinic as comfortable and painless as possible.  Creating an environment that is inviting with beautiful surroundings such as these custom dental clinic cabinets will put you at ease.  

Creative Surfaces is pleased to have assisted this dental office when they moved to their new location by designing and building their cabinetry.  Our plant in Rapid City, SD worked closely with the customer to create a product that would WOW their patients and meet their needs as a professional dental clinic.   Our custom casework and millwork products are created to be visually thrilling with exquisite artistry and custom built by our team of experienced craftsmen.  If you’re in need of custom cabinetry for your project, call us today and let us assist you.