Stockyards Ag Barn

The Stockyards Ag Barn Experience in Sioux Falls, SD develops the connection between agriculture and daily life with learning experiences that highlight history, science, culture and economic impact such as these custom exhibit graphics and displays provide.  One of their missions is to showcase the story of agriculture in this region from the farm to the table and its evolving relationship to the world.

Did you know: 

  • 5 million acres of corn is harvested annually in South Dakota.
  • South Ranks #1 in United States for bison production.
  • South Dakota produces more than 19 million pounds of honey per year.
  • South Dakota is #1 in United States for sunflower production.
  • 4.1 million acres of soybeans are harvested annually in South Dakota.

These and so many other facts about South Dakota’s agriculture and economy can be discovered right here at the Stockyards Ag Barn.  All these facts were gathered and put together into custom exhibit graphics and displays by our team at Creative Surfaces.  Each display is unique in utilizing a variety of products and materials to create designs that provide a dynamic, interactive learning center for people of all ages and explore the evolution of agriculture in this region. This regional attraction is a must-see for everyone.  If you’re looking for graphic displays, interior signage, or custom cabinetry, give us a call.  605.336.1572