What's In It For Me?

At Midtown Dental Health, our team is prepared to answer all questions pertaining to your dental health and appearance.  We can also answer your questions about the different dental specialties and explain the meaning of dental terms.  We want our patients’ teeth to be healthy and have a feel good smile.  At Creative Surfaces our aim is to provide quality custom exterior signage for dental clinics just like Midtown Dental Health – making it easy for patients and customers to find them.

If you are looking for unique, custom commercial signage – look no further than Creative Surfaces. We are your One-Stop-Sign Division!  Everything we do is custom designed. We also have the largest sign division in South Dakota. Creative Surfaces is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing all types of interior and exterior signage.  And, we’ve been manufacturing signage for a variety of applications for over 25 years.

When it comes to signs…. if you want it, we can build it!