It's More Than Just A Game.

Your fitness journey begins right here.  Many people have never belonged to a gym or even desired to workout.  But this place is totally worth joining.  The custom fitness center cabinetry, the friendly staff that are helpful and eager to help you achieve your goals.  They have exercise programs to help you get in shape, tone your body, lose weight or simply stay healthy.  Welcome to Gold’s Gym, Anderson SC.

At Creative Surfaces we are a one-stop-shop for all your custom fitness center cabinetry needs.  From the reception desk and retail display to the locker rooms and kids club including the interior branding and signage needs, we do it all.  Our team of creative designers will assist in selecting the materials and elements that will set your gym apart from all the others.  Our talented and skilled craftsmen will build your cabinetry with expertise and quality.  No two projects are alike and we want your gym to say “WOW”, a place your customers will appreciate and enjoy day after day.  call us today to start your next fitness center project.