The Avera Presentation Sisters moved into their new living center the fall of 2020.  The new 24,000 square foot home in Sioux Falls offers 20 apartments that provides independent living for the sisters.  The home showcases custom home living cabinetry.  It includes common spaces such as a gathering area on each floor, a dining room where the sisters can periodically share meals, a chapel, fitness room, and space for offices, meetings and retreats.

“We wanted our sisters to have an option to come together as a community”, said Sister Mary Thomas, Vice President on the Presentation Sisters leadership team.  “This seemed like a good place to focus our energies a little more.  We say we shape the space, then the space shapes us”.  The sisters worked with Journey Group to design the center.  They wanted a space that would fit the neighborhood – not one that would be institutional or stick out.  It had to suit the neighborhood.  It had to have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere…and that it does!

We at Creative Surfaces are proud to have been included in this project.  We worked with Starmark Cabinetry on much of this project.  They provided the woodwork and cabinetry, while Creative Surfaces supplied the Cambria countertops and installation of the cabinets and millwork.  It was a team effort between them and us.  If you’re looking to build a new project and it requires custom home living cabinetry give us a call.  We can help!