Custom Metal Fabrication - Specialty Projects

New Wave is a proud to provide custom metal fabrication for customers and businesses in Sioux Falls, SD and throughout the United States. 

There is nothing like the craftsmanship and beauty of handcrafted metalwork. Whether you are making a product for a purely functional purpose or not, custom metal fabrication work stands out. However, the difference is about more than aesthetics. Typically products created through custom metal fabrication can be customized to meet each and every one of your needs. Custom metal fabrication work done today combines traditional hammer and forge methods with modern technologies like laser cutting, water jet cutting, and AutoCAD. This ensures the accuracy of the custom metal fabrication and allows you to anticipate exactly what kind of product you will receive.

Take a peek at some of those projects:

Macy’s – New Wave designed and built custom heat sealers specifically for Macy’s to sew balloons for the Macy’s Day Parade.

Simply Perfect – a specialty retail store in Sioux Falls requested a laser cut logo for their reception desk.