Metal and Materials Fabrication


Custom metal fabrication refers to any process that cuts, shapes or molds metal material into a final product.  It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.  Stock metal components, such as sheet metal, metal rods and metal bars, are widely available in a variety of material and dimensional specifications.

At New Wave our custom metal fabrication shop can produce metal products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. When construction companies, manufacturers or others require a non-standard component or unique metal product, New Waves’ custom fabrication services can provide both design and production assistance for these built-to-order parts.


Our custom fabrication services can be helpful in all stages of the product development process. Whether you require a complete production run of items or support on a component assembly project, New Wave offers:

  • Design: Have a CAD drawing, a sketch or just an idea?  We can help you design your product, component or part before the building process begins.
  • Fabrication:  The actual building or creating of the metal product.
  • Finishing and assembly: The improvement of product quality through post-fabrication treatments.



Once a product has been designed, either as a sketch, CAD drawing or even an idea, the manufacturing and machining process can begin. Choosing a fabrication method suited to a given project depends on the product’s intended purpose, and the materials used in crafting it.


  • Equipment –
    • Flow 50HP, 60KPSI, 6′ x 12′ WaterJet Cutting System
    • Mitsubishi 4000W, 6′ x 12′, Dual Pallet, Laser Cutting System
  • Capabilities –
    • Laser: metal and some plastic up to 1″ thick
  • Waterjet: virtually any material that does not have an adverse reaction to water up to 8″ thick (rated to 8″ titanium)
  • Plastics (UHMW, Nylon, HDPE)
  • Rubber (Silicone, Belted, EPDM)
  • Felt
  • Stone
  • Steel  >1″
  • Stainless  >.5″



  • MIG, TIG, Arc
  • Mild Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum


  • Equipment:   Gorton Master Mill, 9″ x 42″ Bed, DRO X/Y, Auto Feed X/Z, Indexed Circular Interpolation Table
  • Capabilities:  Drill, Tap, Face, Linear & Rotary Pattern


  • Equipment:  AccurPress 250T Hydraulic Press Brake, 12′ Table, 3 Axis, CNC Control
  • Capabilities:  12’L x 0.25″T; 8’L x 0.375T”; 5’L x 0.5″T; 3.5’L x 0.75″T; 2.25’L x 1″T