Don't Stop Until You Drop!

We dare you to visit this new Gold’s Gym in Riverdale Park, MD.  This is a state-of-the-art location with custom fitness center cabinetry, equipment, classes, and personal trainers.  Once you come to this gym, you will never want to visit another fitness center.  Gold’s Gym treats you right…right from the start.  The team of trainers and coaches work with you to achieve your personal fitness goals.  They motivate, inspire, encourage and make you challenge yourself.  Welcome to Gold’s Gym Riverdale Park, MD.

At Creative Surfaces we are honored and proud to be a partner of Gold’s Gym.  For several years we have been a premier vendor supplying the custom fitness center cabinetry for each of their Gold’s Gym locations.  Each location is unique and different; setting them apart from all the other Gold’s Gym facilities.  We utilize materials and elements that give personality to the gym’s location, community, and the clients they serve.  No two fitness centers are alike – each has their own “wow” factor.  If you next fitness center or project demands a unique appearance, give us a call and let our team of designers, artists, and craftsmen go to work for you.  Call us today.