North Orem, UT has the coolest new fitness center with all the amenities you will love.  Check out VASA Fitness with fitness center custom cabinetry including cool reception pods and a retail display offering refreshments and snacks to fuel up with.  

It’s easy to get passionate about fitness at VASA when your gym has everything – for everyone. It’s a place for all personalities, abilities, body types and genders. The people are a community that welcomes, encourages and motivates, with no judgement or intimidation. And with the limitless variety of amenities, equipment and classes, your workouts are always just what you want. Personal training? Yoga? HIIT? Basketball? Pool? KidCare? Yep, they’ve got all of that and more.

VASA Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness center chains. Currently they have 45 locations in six states.  For some folks, New Year’s goals are to scale back on a few things… but not at VASA!  They’re expanding the family and making room for MORE gyms in 2019!

Creative Surfaces is thrilled to be a vendor partner with VASA Fitness.  It’s exciting to work closely with an organization that believes in it’s members and strives to meet their needs.  Creative Surfaces believes the same.  Together with our customers we work to design and build the quality product they demand.  Our team of designers work together to design a fitness center that separates your brand from others.  We use elements other gyms don’t; elements that give your fitness center that WOW effect and bring your members back again and again. 

If your next project involves fitness center custom cabinetry and special elements that say WOW, call us today.  Let our team go to work for you!