Looking for high-end lockers?  VIP lockers?  Country club or fitness center lockers?  We manufacture custom lockers for schools, automotive dealers, hospitals, salons & spas, and businesses all across the US.  All of our lockers are designed and built to meet customer needs.  The VIP club lockers are designed specifically with the VIP in mind providing them with special features such as:

– their own personal mirror, drawer, and electrical outlet

– a locking system to keep all their personal belongings secure

At Creative Surfaces, we can design and build your lockers and your locker room; and if you want benches to match them we have the capability to manufacture those as well.  Many of our bulk locker systems have dry vanity end-caps with mirror and personal grooming area.   Locker room cubbies have become very popular as well, especially for those individuals that don’t have valuables or need a locking system.  Got a specific locker in mind and need it designed and built.  Our in-house design team can assist.  Call is today.