If you’re looking for a fitness studio that’s passionate about their space and members then this is the place for you.  At Ignite Infrared Fitness Studio you’re greeted by a great team of staff and members.  They’re surrounded by beautiful custom fitness studio cabinetry and signage that is visually exciting and gets you pumped up for your yoga class.  The studio offers great energy and music.  They have a team of awesome instructors that are supportive and encouraging through the entire class – instructors that motivate you as a member to push yourself even harder.   Ignite offers a variety of classes with a mix of strength training, yoga, and cardio all set to some pretty awesome music mixes in an infrared room.  What exactly is an infrared studio?  It’s a studio equipped with infrared technology throughout each studio which heats the body naturally, rather than simply warming the air, the Red Effect workout raises core body temperature to produce a deep, healthy and detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where most toxins reside.

We are thrilled to design and build the custom fitness studio cabinetry for Ignite as well as the exterior and interior signage.  The reception desk is a combination of plastic laminates with vinyl brand graphics adhered directly to the wall behind the desk.  The signage with backlit LED lighting makes a “WOW” statement…it’s fun, exciting, and a great photo opportunity.  Everything in this infrared studio is exciting, inspiring, and motivating.  It makes the members want to come back again and again.  If you’re looking to open a fitness studio or business, we are your first stop.  At Creative Surfaces we are a one-stop-shop and will work closely with you to help design, build, and create a space for your project that will separate you from others in your industry.  We are #teamcreative and we work together to give you a product that you will enjoy and appreciate.