Using Interior Branding Graphics

Your interior walls offer a great opportunity to promote your business and get your message across to your members.  It’s a place to get creative and brand your business whether it is a fitness center, salon, restaurant or any other business.  We’re seeing more fitness centers and gyms using wall graphics and murals as a means of motivating, inspiring and branding visually.

Branding a workout facility helps to set the tone for the overall atmosphere.  Depending on your images and colors you might consider equipping the locale to appeal to a competitive group of enthusiasts or to those just starting out and might be intimated by the environment.  Let’s take a look at some different options:

  1. Interior Branding Graphics – wall spaces in gyms tend to be tall and wide. On this space you could consider featuring your company logo, silhouettes and images that will encourage members to push themselves and strive to meet their workout goals.
  2. Wall Wraps – sometimes fitness equipment such as bikes and treadmills are in smaller areas. Use these walls for inspiring messages or nature scenes that give treadmill and bike riders the illusion of traveling through the countryside or along a path.
  3. Window Decals – the perfect location to provide more information about your facility, use graphics or decals. Display large images of your gyms’ logo, graphics of members working out or lettering that spells out details about the philosophy of your gym.

Whether you are building a new fitness center, outfitting and re-branding an existing gym – or simply upgrading graphics for your walls and windows, we highly suggest you consider branding messages and graphics.  Branding matters…it reinforces the commitment to the business.  While the goal of the member might be about staying in shape, the wall graphics inspire something else.  It motivates them to be the best they can be in all areas of life – including what they do at the office.

Creative Surfaces can assist your business with designing and creating branding graphics, messages or murals that are inspiring, motivating and tell the story of your business.  The stories are the most exciting and entertaining for members, customers and everyone that enter your business doors.  The thrilling end of the story will bind them with you.  Brand messages allow people to understand the type of brand it is.  Cheerful, modern, young –  involve people when conveying a story to your audience, this will strengthen the sense of belongingness and faith.  Motivate them with extraordinary story-telling and experience.