Beautiful multi-family housing cabinets and countertops for Bishop O'Gorman International Student housing.

When international high students make that big decision to study abroad the anticipation is likely to stir up a variety of emotions – excitement and fear being two of them.  And, a lot of questions…the biggest one being where will I live.  At the Bishop O’Gorman Student Housing, these international students will find the comforts of living at home in their very own housing complex.  The complex is located directly across the street from school – a five minute walk.  This new housing complext showcases beautiful multi-family housing cabinets and countertops throughout.

The complex can house several international students; some will share an apartment while others may have their own.  All the students will share a common kitchen and dining area that is set up for the students to aid in developing friendships.  And, it allows the students to work together on projects.  The on-site manager will assist the students by navigating them through not just school classes and activities but also through the community and city of Sioux Falls.  There is so much to learn about our great city and state.  We want these international students to explore, discover and learn all they can while they are here studying in the United States.

Creative Surfaces is proud to have been a part of creating this new community for these international students by providing the multi-family housing cabinets and countertops.  We are excited to aid in giving these students a place to feel comfortable, to learn, to experience our culture in South Dakota – but most importantly a place to call home while living and exploring our great country.