Canterbury Park - Shakopee, MN

Spring of  2010 took Creative Surfaces to Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN to install a new interior sign package we designed and built for their casino.

The main entrance sign for the Card Casino is a 15.5′ x 6′ single sided interior sign is mounted to the face of an existing soffit.  The accent strips and letters are halo lit cans with white LED lights, they have clear plexi backing with red vinyl and brushed aluminum vinyl faces.   Canterbury Park has push thru lettering  with red vinyl faces.  The Finish Line Cafe sign is single sided and flush mounted to face of desk.   The sign cabinet has a Copper Meteor finish.  The horse logo is cut out of the Chemetal face, has white plexi back and is lit with white LED lights.

“Chips” Bar sign is pole mounted to the ceiling.  A circle can with non lit print over face of PVC sign backer.  Red neon letters (steady burn) used for the Chips;  Bar is acrylic letters flushed mounted to backer.  Our ring is painted purple with black gloss recessed accents.

Restroom signage, ATM sign, and Cashier sign were all  part of the interior sign package we produced for the casino.  These signs are single sided with sign foam letters.  They are halo lit and either pin mounted to the wall or pole mounted to the ceiling.