Gold's Gym - Albemarle, NC

Gold’s Gym has definitely been keeping our teams on their toes.  Fall of 2018 and we are at Gold’s Gym of Albemarle, NC where our install team has been installing commercial fitness center cabinetry and interior logo signage.

The reception desk, offices, Lady’s Golds and kids club were all built using a combination of Nevamar “Yunnan” and Formica “Concrete Formwood” for the cabinets.  The face of the reception desk features 3/16″ Frosted Acrylic Panels mounted using 1/2″ stainless steel standoffs.  The lower level countertop is Arborite “Inukshuk Grey”; the upper level countertop is 4cm Cambria “Highgate” quartz.  The Gold’s Gym interior logo sign is 3/16″ thick black plexi with Chemetal face; then directly mounted to the face of the reception desk half wall.

The fuel up and gold’s gear retail walls/shelving are Wilsonart “Satin Stainless” plastic laminate.  The cabinet surround is finished in Formica “Concrete Formwood”.  The soffit and lower lockable cabinets are Nevamar “Yunnan” with Arborite “Inukshuk Grey” countertops.  For the signs Fuel Up and Gold’s Gear we mounted Brushed Stainless Steel over 3/16″ thick black plexi and installed the signs directly to the retail display soffit.

The men’s and women’s locker rooms consist of 176 double stacked lockers.  The men’s lockers are made of Nevamar “Yunnan”; the women’s lockers are Wilsonart “Silver Oak Ply”.