DyCom Industries - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

DyCom Industries is a provider of specialty contracting services such as engineering, construction maintenance and installation services to the telecommunications industry.  Creative Surfaces is a provider of custom built commercial cabinetry.  Working with DyCom we designed and built the custom cabinets for these beautiful and luxurious offices in North Palm Beach Gardens, FL in early 2015.

About the project

Throughout the project we used Wilsonart “Cafelle” (textured glass) for the half walls, enclosed cabinets and open shelving, and floating wall shelves in the legal/HR copy station area.  Where there is countertop, we used Ceasarstone quartz “Blizzard” of varying thickness.  Some area cabinets we finished the end panels in Ceasarstone as well, such as on the legal/HR copy station cabinets, the service room cabinets and the IT help desk.

The CEO office has a media wall using Wilsonart “Studio Teak” plastic laminate panels with 1/4″ black reveals.  In the War Room we installed 98″ tall panels of white acrylic with an opaque backer to create a full height wall dry erase board.  We used brushed aluminum channels across top of the acrylic panels. Move to the Genius Bar/Copy area and you’ll see wall panels of Wilsonart “Studio Teak” on top with “Cafelle” on bottom separated by a run of Ceasarstone quartz “Blizzard”.  Each panel is separated by 1/4″ brushed aluminum reveals.  The lower wall houses a built in printer stand.  All cabinet drawers throughout the project have satin aluminum pulls with white melamine interiors.  The Board room features Wilsonart “Studio Teak” panels with 1/4″ black reveals on both North and South walls.  The 68″x47″ wall cabinet of Wilsonart “Cafelle” was designed and built to house and protect telephone cables.  The elevator lobby walls are “Studio Teak” with 1/2″ brushed aluminum reveals.   Finishing the project, we completed the men’s and women’s restrooms with Wilsonart “Cafelle” on the apron with Ceasarstone “Blizzard” countertops.

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