Rock County Eye Clinic - Rock Rapids, IA

The spring of 2018 our team of designers got a little creative and designed these beautiful custom commercial wall displays for Rock County Eye Clinic is Rock Rapids, IA.  You don’t need a prescription to wear glasses. Often times, it’s a conscious choice, something you do because you can. Everyone is doing it. It’s as deliberate a decision as a pixie cut and it can be just as trendy.  Glasses are a fashion statement!  You can transform your look with a different pair everyday of the week.

These glasses are neatly displayed on these custom commercial wall displays.  Each display wall is 6.8′ x 5.10′ tall.  The outer circle is 4.11′ wide x 4.11′ high and is made using African Limba laminate; the inner circle is 4.3′ wide x 4.3′ high is is made of Wild Cherry laminate.  The glasses are displayed on an edge lit sign cabinet with fixed frosted plexi shelves.