The Stockyards Ag Barn

The Stockyards Ag Experience Plaza and Barn was developed as a regional attraction at Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Stockyards Ag Experience will communicate the story of agriculture in our economy and society – and showcase its impact on our region.

We, at Creative Surfaces get the opportunity to design and build many projects for a variety of customers.  This particular project was a great honor and so much fun for our design team.  It has a lot of character and uniqueness to it.  Every graphic, every station has a story.  When you visit the Ag Barn, you get a real education on South Dakota’s agriculture.  

So how did Creative Surfaces to bring this attraction to the Sioux Falls Park area?  Take a walk around the Ag Barn and you’ll find several agricultural exhibits with great information.  We designed and built a semi truck/trail box with all the details you’d see in a “real” semi truck.  The cab is painted blue MDF with routed grooves to give detail to the doors.  The bumper and 9′ trailer is painted metallic silver with Batten strips space 3 1/2″ apart on the trailer.  The grain diverter on top of trailer features ‘falling grain’ print pattern stuck to acrylic tube, backlit with rows of LED chasing lights; the mud flaps are black 1/2″ PVC.  The front grill is routed MDF; and license plate is black plexi.  A lot of details put into this truck.  It even has a dashboard that looks real.  

There are many agricultural exhibits.  Let’s highlight a few of those.  First take a peek at the “How Tall Does Corn Grow”.  This is a 10′ tall x 4′ wide exhibit using a Griplock suspended ceiling to floor cable system.  It features 3M print on clear film stuck to 1/4″ mirrored plexi, then clamped to the cable system with Griplock side clamps.

The “Learn About Cuts” exhibit is brown vinyl stuck to 3/4″ maple backer. Graphics is a 3M print wall mural stuck to existing wall. Lower cabinet is 3/4″ x 7 1/2″ pine boards, painted red. The cow & pig puzzle pieces have two layers: top layer vinyl print stuck to 1/4″ black plexi; bottom layer is 18ga steel painted black. All pieces have a knob. Both animals are assembled on clear Lexan panel with magnetic backer.

The “Grocery Store” exhibit is a sheetmetal sign with 3M print stuck to the face.  Underside and frame are painted white and mounted to back wall with cleats.

There are several video kiosks throughout the Ag Barn.  These are free-standing units with glued up pine board end panels stained blue. Face is 3M print stuck to 1/4″ black plexi panel with opening in face for TV monitor. Wood shelf is angled for ipad holder. Lower part of this kiosk has a Wilsonart “Hampton Walnut” plastic laminate face. Graphics are white vinyl stuck to face of cabinet.

The “Kitchen Cabinets” are Formica “Sarum Grey” plastic laminate with Wilsonart “Hampton Walnut” countertops.  On the fridge is a 3M print decal adhered directly on the fridge.  The backwall is Formica “White”; the entire unit sits up to an existing building wall.