Since 1988, Creative Surfaces, Inc. has been handcrafting exceptional products. A family owned and operated business, we believe perfection and affordability are possible and these goals we strive to meet. Creative Surfaces is honored and proud to be the vendor of choice to manufacture the majority of the interior fixtures for Gold’s Gym including the lockers/locker room packages, reception desks, retail displays, smoothie bars, kid’s club, cycling areas; and custom fitness center branding and signage packages that best fit your gym’s needs.  

Fitness centers are a niche for us.  In addition to Gold’s Gym we design and create custom fitness center branding for several fitness center brands all across the United States.  Brands such as World Gym, VASA Fitness, Chuze Fitness, SPENGA, and others. The exterior signs include the large logo sign as well as the gold brand sign (Gold’s Gym).  We work with each fitness center to determine the best size and location of their signage.  The interior branding signage also involves the brand/logo, inspirational messages, motivational messages, locker room/restroom signage, and directional signs.  

Why does your business need logo signage?

Your brand is so much more than your company name or logo.  It’s the experience that your customers have with your company at every single point of interaction.  Your on-premises branding signage should always be treated with as much care as the logo itself.  When it comes to brick and mortar locations, branding signage is – without a doubt – one of the most critical components of an effective consumer facing brand strategy.

Each and every aspect of branding signage tells your customer what your company is all about, delivering both the message of who you are and the products or services offered.  Add in a touch of your brand personality, and voila, branding signage at its best!  At Creative Surfaces, our team designs, creates and installs fitness center signage that brings your branding to life.