Gold's Gym - Anderson, SC

Late fall 2018 we traveled out east to install Gold’s Gym, Anderson SC where they received custom fitness center cabinetry and interior signage.  These cabinets included a custom reception desk and personal trainer desk built using Wilsonart “Branded Oak” plastic laminate on the cabinets.  The face of the reception desk is LAB Designs “Almond Rush”; the transaction countertops and surround are Cambria “Whitney” quartz and lower countertops are Wilsonart “Twilight Zephyr”.

Behind the reception desk is a logo wall made of an aluminum frame and u-channel metallic silver frame with Lumicor “Ovalesque Print”.  The Gold’s Gym logo is a 40″ round, 2 layer dimensional sign.  Gold’s Gym “Joe” and rings are black; backer is Gold’s gold.  ANDERSON letters are 3/16″ black plexi with brushed aluminum vinyl faces.

The retail “Gold’s Gear” soffit and surround is Wilsonart “Satin Stainless” plastic laminate with nonlit 3/16″ thick black plexi letters.  The cooler surround is Wilsonart “Twilight Zephyr”; the slanted shelves, backer, and cabinets are Wilsonart “Park Elm” with Wilsonart “Twilight Zephyr” countertops.  The kids club reception desk and cabinets are Wilsonart “Flamingo” with Wilsonart “Tangerine” countertops.  

In the lounge, the “Joe” logo wall is built using Elmwood 5/8″ thick Rustic Heart Pine installed of random lengths and widths.  The 8′ Joe is laser cut of 3/4″ thick Chemetal with color changing & dimmable LED rope lights all around the cut out.  Cabinets in the lounge are Wilsonart “Branded Oak” with “Twilight Zephyr” countertops.  

The locker rooms are equipped with a total of 176 lockers and open cubbies made of Wilsonart “Branded Oak”.  The toilet partitions are Wilsonart “Park Elm” and wet/dry vanity apron and countertops are Cambria “Brittanicca” quartz.