Fall 2019 our team of installers spent some time in Raleigh, NC installing new custom wine display cabinets for the Winestore.  This project included all the wall cladding and base trim, Enoline wine cabinets, cash wrap, rotating wine bottle racks and tasting bar.

For the wall cladding and soffits we used southern yellow pine, prefinished clear/natural with tongue & groove all around.  We used poplar for the wood base trim.  The Enoline wall wine cabinets are 61″ x 48″ x 10″ deep.  These set into the wall with the pine wall cladding framing the wine cabinet.  Along the wall is a wine display cabinet surround of white melamine with sliding doors.  Each door is 4′ x 5′ tall made of 3/8″ thick stainless steel.  Poplar wood shelves cladded in Chemetal “Brushed Aluminum” are mounted to the sliding doors; then the doors are mounted to a Hawa 80 sliding door track.  

In addition to the wall display we built three vintage view rotating bottle racks.  These racks are 32″ wide x 67″ tall.  The racks feature white melamine boxes with stainless steel shelving and Evonik “Satin Ice” doors.  They are mounted to a 2 1/2″  brushed steel pole then attached to the ceiling and bolted to the floor.  

The custom wine display cabinets also included the cash wrap and tasting bar is 12′ x 27″ wide.  The base cabinets are made using Chemetal “Brushed Aluminum”.  The countertops are Formica solid surface “Artic”; both sets of cabinets sit on 2 1/2″ brushed stainless steel posts bolted to the floor.