Dirt Road Diamond - Sioux Falls SD

Dirt Road Diamond is not a  jewelry store – it’s a women’s clothing boutique located in Sioux Falls.
Everyone has a dirt road story. Mine began on a feedlot in Nebraska where there were more cattle than people and a girl’s dream could grow as big as the indigo sky on a clear summer night. My life revolved around my family and the memories that were made on that feedlot, and that’s where I discovered my own personal style.  -Kesa Alexander, owner of Dirt Road Diamond

The Project

Creative Surfaces brought the hand crafted logo of Dirt Road Diamonds to life.  You see, this wasn’t just a standard logo being brought to life –  the lettering for ‘Boutique’ was actually the handwriting of the owner’s grandmother. Thus, we had to hand draw the shape of the letters to fabricate this very CUSTOM sign. The letters on this exterior sign are Halo-lit. While the diamond in the background is a non-lit painted metal that is flush-mounted to the building. The letters are set into black sign cans, applied over the top of the diamond, & lit.

This project was an entire sign package. Creative provided the Exterior Commercial Sign, the Pylon Sign, & the Door Vinyl for Dirt Road Diamond.


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