A Perfect 10 - Sioux Falls SD

what is a perfect 10?

A Perfect 10 is not your typical bar – it’s a revolutionary concept in nail and beauty salons.  More than just a conventional nail salon. We are a nail salon where you visit for your mani, pedi, skin and hair.  Essential services in a clean, trendy lounge with quality experience – while you enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine while you relax.

 the project – exterior commercial signage

Creative Surfaces brought this exterior commercial signage for A Perfect 10 to life.  You see, this wasn’t just a standard logo being brought to life –  the lettering for ‘A Perfect 10′ had to be consistent with the signage for the existing three locations in Rapid City, SD.  The channel letter sign is 22’x 4’ tall.  Each letter can is 6″ deep with painted black & returns.  The faces are white lexan and backlit with white LEDs.  ‘nail & beauty bar’ is black plexi stud mounted 2′ off building wall.

This sign package included the exterior commercial signage and the pylon sign faces.