TAKEDOWN Gym - Brainerd, MN

Fall of 2018 took our installers to a project that we collaborated with Jeff Nagel Design on.  TAKEDOWN Gym in Brainerd, MN is a project that Jeff Nagel designed to meet the needs of his growing clientele.  At Creative Surfaces, we took those design ideas and concepts from Nagel and turned them into reality.  These fitness center cabinets included the round reception in the lobby/atrium, wrestling cubbies and bench, kids fun center cabinets, cycling stage, fuel zone, coffee bar, retail/TV wall and an aquarium surround.

The circular lobby desk features several components.  Throughout this custom lobby desk we used Wilsonart “Portico Teak” on the employee side cabinets; the customer side half wall is Wilsonart “Satin Stainless”.  We then mounted Cleaf “Clear French Gray” panels to the face of the half wall using black standoffs.  The lower and upper transaction countertops are Cambria “Galloway” quartz.  On the transaction top we installed an 18″ high sneeze guard of clear tempered glass with brushed stainless posts.  All these cabinets in the lobby are set on stainless steel legs and lit using LED lighting.  

Inside the circular lobby desk is a wall with columns built using Wilsonart “Clear French Grey” plastic laminate.  The back wall inset is Lumicor “Nexus” edgelit with high output LED tape.  The TAKEDOWN logo is built using painted sign foam, mounted to the Lumicor panel.

The wrestling room has 48 cubbies made using Phenolic “Black” with a bench of Cambria “Galloway”.  The 6′ x 6′ cycling stage has Wilsonart “Portico Teak” on all four sides; top of the stage is 3/4″ thick acrylic panels with light diffusing vinyl on the backside.  The cabinets, cubbies, soffits and shelving on the coffee bar, kids entry cabinetry, fuel zone, aquarium surround, and retail/TV wall are made using Wilsonart “Portico Teak” with Cambria “Galloway on the countertops and bench tops.  

TAKEDOWN – “We believe in building champions.  STRONGER + FASTER + SMARTER.