Fitness Club Commercial Cabinets - Sioux Falls, SD

Early summer 2020 our install team was busy installing new fitness club commercial cabinets for Arena Fit in Sioux Falls.  This project includes a fitness center reception desk with credenza and retail displays, cubbies, locker room vanity and lockers.

The space this fitness center went into already had an existing reception desk.  We removed all the accent trim and corrugated panels from the desk; then re-laminated it with Formica “Black” plastic laminate.  We then designed and built an attached credenza to provide more counter space using the same Formica Black.  All the countertops on the desk are Cambria quartz “Sutherland”.

The retail cabinets, soffit, shelving and countertops are Formica “Black” and feature adjustable shelving.  The soffit lighting is a concealed white LED light strip.  These fitness club commercial cabinets also included the cubbies, lockers and benches are using same Formica Black.  The lockers are numbered and hve Ojmar combination locks.  

Creative Surfaces is proud to have been able to assist Arena Fit with the design and construction of this new boutique style fitness club.  A boutique fitness studio is generally viewed as a small gym (800 – 3500 square feet) that focuses on group exercise and specializes in one or two fitness areas.  Boutique gyms are immensely popular because of their ability to add new meaning to the workout experience, proximity is another factor that makes these gyms desirable. Since the set-up isn’t too big, they are quite convenient to pop up at various locations, making them accessible to exercisers. Arena Fit in Sioux Falls was opened by a friend and loyal customer of ours.  It’s an honor to have been asked to help bring his vision of owning a private fitness club to life.