Seminole Casino - Fresh Harvest Cafe

Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek continues to keep up with the industry by adding custom designed signage as they remodel and update their facility.  Over the past couple of years we’ve been working with them to create state-of-the-art kiosks and signs in providing better services for their customers.

The Express Services kiosk was designed to provide the customer with multiple services in one location.  An ATM and Ticket Redemption is same place.  The three  part cabinet is an all plywood construction using Cherry Laminart “Figured Satinwood” on the faces and end panels.   Each cabinet was fabricated to be interchangeable or free standing.  The vertical signs are 1/2″ sanded clear plexi panels with brushed aluminim vinyl letters and backlit with color changing LEDs.   Across the top soffit we used 1/2″ clear plexi facade panels with etched lettering and edgelit the panels with color changing LEDs.  The “wave stripe” is a push-thru in the soffit face with a silver accent.  The hardware is all installed thru backside panels of black plastic laminate.  The Express Cabinet has 1″ thick clear plexi push-thru arrows with sanded face.  A metal housing for red LED lights on a timer.

The Party Pit canopy is constructed of 4×4 steel tubing, support by 3 columns with bases of Cambria quartz bases.  The tubing is painted “Brushed Light Bronze”.  12 TV monitors surrounded by neon acrylic panels are suspended from the canopy.

There are several double sided TVs suspended from the ceilings.  Each unit is 400# and hangs from 3″ steel poles.  The TVs are surrounded by a 3/4″ bezel frame finished in Chemetal accents and mounted at a 10 degree angle.

Take a break from your gambling fun and enjoy a meal at the Fresh Harvest Cafe where all the signs were produced by our design team at Creative Surfaces.  These signs all start with a metallic backer that is Moz Metals+Architectural Products “Gold/Bronze Waves” that run in landscape direction.  Applied to that is 1/2″ black PVC backer with “Walnut Quarstone” plastic laminate.  Mounted to the laminate are 1/2″ clear plexi letters painted Satin Gold and flush mounted.    Every sign has an accent piece with Art Bahamas Mix 4mm  mosaic glass tile.