Gold's Gym - Middle Island, NY

Our install team traveled to Middle Island, NY early this year to install a fitness center reception desk, cabinetry and wall graphics for the new Gold’s Gym location there.  In addition to the reception desk, this project involved a retail area, kids club entrance and entertainment center, and fully equipped locker rooms for men and women including GGX lockers, VIP lockers, benches, dry vanities, wet vanities, and shower/toilet partitions.

For this fitness center reception desk, we used a combination of plastic laminates.  The cabinets and half wall are made using Formica “Graphite”; the face of the half wall features panels of “Formica “Dolce Vita” mounted using 1″ stainless steel stand-offs.  We finished the desk using 4cm Cambria “Cambrian Black” quartz for the lower countertops and 4cm Cambria “Whitney quartz on the upper transaction countertop.   Look to the retail area where you’ll see two large cabinets for Gold’s Gear and Fuel Up.  The cabinet surrounds are Formica “Dolce Vita”;  the back wall is Chemetal “Light Stainless Steel Aluminum” with an Opto Shelving System.  The lower countertops again are Cambria “Cambrian Black” quartz.  The signage “FUEL UP” and “GOLD’S GEAR” letters are brushed stainless vinyl over 3/16″ black plexi then mounted to a soffit of Formica “Graphite” plastic laminate.

The kids club area includes half doors, cubbies, and entertainment center that accommodates a 42″ TV monitor.  All of these items are made using Formica “Graphite”.  

The men’s and women’s locker rooms include 24 VIP lockers featuring fixed shelving, a drawer, an electrical outlet, interior mirror and hook.  There are also a total of 52 double stacked lockers, 10 GGX lockers, and several ADA accessible lockers.  All lockers are made using Wilsonart “Studio Teak” plastic laminate with mechanical combination locks.  The wet and dry vanities in the locker rooms feature countertops, a 4″ backsplash and apron of Cambria “Whitehall” quartz.  The toilet partitions and bench tops are 3/4″ thick Phenolic with Wilsonart “Studio Teak” plastic laminate.  

The vinyl wall signage/graphics are designed by Gold’s Gym corporate that Creative Surfaces prints and installs. The wall graphics are a required branding element in all Gold’s Gym locations.