Seminole Casino – Coconut Creek, FL

At Creative Surfaces we have 25+ years of custom designing interior signs for the casino and gaming industry.  Creative Surfaces is a full service interior casino sign manufacturer that includes design and development.  

All of our signs are built to suit, building some of the biggest and brightest signs that have every detail and dimension to attract the most attention to your sign and enhance your visitor’s experience.  On many of our signs you will notice LED chasing lights, flashing neon, large LCD monitors for video imaging (some signs include multiple monitors), push-thru lettering and backlit signage.  As well as designing and fabricating, we also install all of our own interior casino signs.

The interior casino sign package at Coconut Creek included signage as well as cabinetry.  Here we designed and built the Express Services Kiosk, the Party Pit suspended signage, the ATM Kiosk cabinetry, and the Coco for Coconuts display and the free-standing touch screen cabinet.  

No, we’re not CooCoo….but we did have a lot of fun designing and creating this display for the Coconut Creek Casino in Coconut Creek, FL.  This 10′ wide display is designed with a stage in front.  Creative Surfaces created this project with a bamboo backdrop.  It has a sculpted talking Easter Island head on top with a built-in speaker. Two 20″ LCD monitors are built into the back wall.  The random stacks of coconuts, dollar signs, and “CooCoo for Coconuts” sign are constructed from sign foam with painted finish.  There are two sculpted 3D monkeys swinging from rope vines surrounded by artificial palm foliage.  In addition, five coconut bras that open in front were created to finish this project.  Want to find out how the coconut bras are used?  One would have to visit Coconut Creek Casino to find out.