Welcyon - Burnsville, MN


Creative Surfaces is the cabinet vendor for Welycon Fitness Centers.  Here we help design and build quality fitness center cabinetry and lockers for these gyms that cater to adults over 50.

The Burnsville location opened in fall of 2014.  This project involved the reception desk and credenza, coffee bar, and cube table.  All these cabinets are made using Formica “Myraid Ribbonwood” (horizontal grain) with Formica “Cafe Weft” countertops.  There are 24 stacked locker units.  For these we used Formica “Wenge Strand” plastic laminate and installed a key locking system.  

Welycon is nothing like a traditional gym.   And, turning 50 isn’t about slowing down, it’s about revving up for the next phase of life!