Relic Revivals - Sioux Falls SD

What is Relic Revivals?

Relic Revivals is an upscale resale boutique for women that offers one-of-a-kind pieces. Make this your next stop for moderately priced to high-end designer pieces and unique accessories, shoes, handbags, or boots.

This upscale boutique in Sioux Falls needed a sign as original as its accessories, and Creative Surfaces was there to help!

But, how did we do it?

The exterior sign letters are cut from 14 gauge steel. The letters are painted brown and mounted to the wall with 2″ PEM studs. In addition, white LED lights attach to the backside of the sign to provide a halo-lit effect, so that it’s viewable at night!

Not only did we create the building signage, we also provided Relic with their pylon sign in the parking lot. Those sign faces are a 3M transparent printed vinyl graphic, stuck to 3/16″ clear polycarbonate panels and backlit.

Just wait, there’s more! Creative also provided them with a blade sign. Blade signs are a form of directional signage that are typically hung from an awning or directly protrudes from the side of the building. This particular sign is a non-lit double sided sign mounted to a 1″ x 1″ aluminum frame that has been painted black.  The sign face is a 3M printed vinyl graphic stuck to polycarbonate panels.  Last, a 2″ x 2″ square aluminum tube, extending below the blade sign, is home for the address, which is white vinyl lettering applied to both sides.

A truly exquisite sign!

The 13 brown script letters are a glimpse of the types of gems you will find when you step inside.