South Dakota Corn Producers

The “Amazing Corn Adventure”, built into a 24-foot-long trailer for South Dakota Corn Producers. Inside the trailer, interactive presentations will use a fun approach to teach participants how cool and important agriculture is. This is a huge learning opportunity for kids who aren’t on the farm. This trailer allows SD Corn Producers to bring agriculture to places that agriculture would never be seen.
Participants will enter the trailer and proceed through a presentation that stresses the importance of soil and shows them all stages of corn. The activities will have them laughing and learning at the same time. Kids will learn the difference between sweet corn and field corn, and play a matching game that educates them about products that contain corn.
A feature that’s a real favorite is an interactive cab. Kids sit in an actual tractor cab and feel like they are driving the tractor. A video screen will provide a sense that they’re planting corn in a South Dakota field. All of the levers have interactive buttons so the kids can push one and a farmer will tell them what role that lever plays in the operation of the big rig.