Workplace I.T. Management - Sioux Falls, SD

Fall of 2012, took us to Workplace I.T. Management in Sioux Falls for installation of their custom designed and built commercial cabinetry and signage.   This project utilizes a variety of fun and classy materials from Moz plastic laminate (metal series) to sleek looking Cambria countertops.   This is not the first project Creative Surfaces has completed for this customer!

“Workplace has done business with Creative Surfaces for 15 years, and they have never failed to answer the bell in delivering on whatever challenge we present to their team. We are now in our 3rd location, and the CS team has done custom work for us at each site starting at our original downtown location in the late 1990’s. When we acquired the Dakota Avenue property and embarked upon the extreme makeover of our iconic old round building, we knew we’d need the Creative Surfaces touch again given both the nature of the remodel and the distinctive look and features we were after. From the interior signage, feature wall and unique curved reception desk to the milled stainless countertops, Mike Lokken and the Creative Surfaces team exceeded our already high expectations in this most recent project. A week simply does not go by without a client or guest commenting on their work, and the feedback is overwhelmingly complimentary. If you really care about the end result, Creative Surfaces is your only choice.”

Joe Zueger – President

Enter the classic reception area and you will find a high end reception desk like no other.  This multi level reception desk has several materials.  The lower end of the desk was made using Koroseal 1/4″ cut wood veneer “Wenge” on the half  wall and topped it off with 6cm Cambria quartz surfaces “Cuddington” on the countertops and end panel.  On the higher end of the desk we used 3 equal size panels of Moz plastic laminate (metal series) “Honduran Mahagony” with 1/4″ reveals of Chemetal “Satin Silver Aluminum” on the half wall.  The upper countertop is 1/8″ stainless steel.  The fireplace in the reception area is the “feature wall” with the same Moz plastic laminate wall panels separated by tile.

The two offices have custom built commercial cabinets and laminate countertops where we used  Formica “Chocolate Warp”.  We edge banded the cabinets in Formica “Dark Chocolate” and the countertops in Pionite “Nubian Brown”.  The conference room cabinets were built using Treefrog plastic laminate “Ebony Safari” with a 1/8″ thick Stainless Steel countertop.

In the Gallery (breakroom) we constructed the cabinets and end panels using Formica plastic laminate “Folkstone” with white melamine interiors and finished them off with Avonite solid surface “Silver Comet” for the countertops and backsplash.

The Hootennany Lounge has cabinets made with Treefrog “Black Oak Groove” with 1″ horizontal reveals in door panels to route out finger pulls.  All toekicks are stained veneer to match cabinet bases.  The sign above the cabinets is all printed vinyl graphics, wall mounted.

What’s a business without a sign?  We constructed this lobby sign for Workplace.   It is a non-lit dimensional, single sided sign that we mounted to an existing slightly curved brick wall using 1″ mockett standoffs.  The dimensional logo and letters are all 1/2″ PVC, painted and flushmounted to clear polycarbonate panel face that was slightly sanded to give a frosted appearance.  The panels were mounted to a accent  panel of Chemetal “Circles”.