Avera Presentation Center

Sioux Falls, SD

In the Fall of 2020 the Avera Presentation Center in Sioux Falls became a beautiful residence with home living custom cabinetry for the Presentation Sisters of South Dakota.  This 24,000 square foot, two-story building with 20 apartments showcases a gorgeous grand staircase, a chapel, conference room. coffee bar, large common area kitchen and a double-sided fireplace separating the library and the common living area.

A welcoming grand staircase features walls of Starmark Cabinetry of maple wood painted Pittsburg Paint “Pegasus”; the handrails are maple stained “Cappuccino”.  At the bottom of the stairs and inside the chapel there are Starmark cabinets with Cambria Swanbridge quartz countertops.  Down the corridor you’ll find six columns wrapped in maple and painted “Pegasus White”.  The corridor leads you to the common area kitchen and coffee bar with cabinets supplied by Starmark Cabinetry.  The countertops in both areas are Cambria Swanbridge.  In the library you’ll find a large floor to ceiling bookcase where the sisters can come for quiet time or book club.  One end of the room showcases a double-sided fireplace that is warm and cozy on cold winter nights.  Both sides of the fireplace are trimmed out using maple veneers on the mantle/hearth, crown molding and base.

Let’s move to the conference room another area that includes home living custom cabinetry.  Here you’ll find cabinets of maple stained “Cappuccino” with Cambria Dunmore quartz countertops.


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