Eye-Site Gallery

Sioux Falls, SD

Things are looking crisp, clean, and clear now that our install team has completed the installation of these eye clinic custom displays.  You can see us now at Eye-Site Gallery in Sioux Falls.  We are open!

For this project we designed and built the display booth and tables (4 units), the corner displays, mobile cabinets, floating shelf displays (2 units), and eyewear pick up cabinets.

Throughout the project on all cabinet exteriors we used Formica “Smokey Brown Pear” plastic laminate with Formica “Paloma Polar” (etchings finish) for the countertops.  The display booth and tables are on lockable casters for easy mobility.  The tiered eyewear display cases on top of these mobile tables are painted Sherwin Williams “Modern White”.

The corner eyewear display case features 31 floating shelves.  The case frame and shelves are Formica “Dover White”.  The back wall is 1/2″ backlit matte white acrylic.  The edges of the case have a 1/4″ thick mirror.

There are two floating shelves/display cases.  These cabinets are 9.5′ long with tempered glass inserts on top of the case; and LED light strips under the floating shelves above the display cases.

There are 2 customer eyewear pickup stations.  The side wall of the left station features 48 acrylic white squares (each 8″ x 8″) mounted to 1/2″ matte white acrylic with lights.  Each 8″ x 8″ panel is mounted using 1/2″ standoffs.  The side wall of the right station features 23 floating shelves of Formica “Dover White” plastic laminate; mounted to 1/2″ matte white acrylic.


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