Gold’s Gym – Ocala, FL

Ocala, FL

This gym consisted of beautiful fitness center cabinetry including a reception/smoothie desk, sales desks, multiple retail displays, kids club, breakroom, laundry room cabinets and complete locker room cabinetry and vanities.  January 2020 took our install team down south to install Gold’s Gym Ocala, Florida.

The combination reception desk/smoothie bar is built in octagon sections.  Each section is divided by a 1/2″ thick brushed aluminum support.  The half wall face panels are Cambria 1cm quartz “Brittanicca Warm” quartz panels.  The completed unit features 82′ of stainless steel toekick lit with cool white LEDs.  The lower working surface countertops and transaction countertops are Cambria “Brittanicca Warm”.  We put an ADM sneezeguard of 1/4″ tempered glass on the smoothie bar.  The cabinets on the employee side are Wilsonart “Grey Elm”.  The reception desk/smoothie bar features a divider wall with the Gold’s Gym logo on both sides of the wall. The logo/letters are 3/16″ black acrylic with brushed aluminum faces mounted to the frosted glass.

There are 4 complete units of sales desks; the face and cabinets are built using Wilsonart “Grey Elm” with Arborite “Klondike Riverbed” support legs. The countertops on the sales desks are Cambria “Castell” quartz.

The 36″ round pub tables have stainless steel bases with 4cm Cambria quartz countertops.

We built and installed multiple retail displays using Wilsonart “Grey Elm”.  The displays feature adjustable merchandise shelves of Wilsonart “White”; and have changeable non-lit artwork panels sandwiched between 2 layers of 3/16″ clear acrylic.  Within the display are accent panels of Wilsonart “Satin Stainless”; and puck lighting under the soffit. The retail sign header is 80″ x 18″ tall.  The back panel is Satin Ice Evonik edgelit with LEDs; the front panel is Arborite “Klondike Riverbed” plastic laminate.  We used non-lit letters for “Gold’s Gear” using 3/16″ black acrylic with brushed aluminum faces.  The free-standing/mobile retail displays have lockable casters.

The kids club reception desk, cabinets, and infant wall are Wilsonart “Grey Elm” with Wilsonart “Graphite Nebula” plastic laminate countertops.  The face of the reception half wall showcases an art deco design with slanted cuts of Wilsonart “White” and Wilsonart “Chrome Yellow” plastic laminate separated by Wilsonart “Grey Elm” reveals.  Pretty cool, right!

Throughout the mens and womens locker rooms we built and installed a combination of single and double stack lockers – 220 of them.  The lockers, locker valance and mirror frames are Wilsonart “Silver Oak Ply”.  The wet/dry vanities have countertops and a 7″ mitered apron of Cambria “Brittanicca” quartz.  

To conclude on this project of beautiful fitness center cabinetry, we built the cabinets in the breakroom, laundry room, common area bathrooms, cubbies and trash cabinets in the GGX area are made using Wilsonart “Grey Elm” with Wilsonart “Graphite Nebula” for countertops.

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