Hampton Inn & Suites

Ybor City, FL

Let’s take a peek at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Ybor City, Florida where we designed, built and installed high-end hotel cabinetry for this new location.

For the hotel we built the reception desk, coffee station, walk-up market, media wall, work room and quick print cabinet and public restroom countertops. The reception desk employee side cabinets are Wilsonart “Carter Oak””.  On the face/half wall we used two elements: Architectural Systems “Interwoven Eco-Panels” mixed species; the front counter surround is Cambria “Weybourne” 4cm quartz.  For the countertops we used Cambria “Manchester” 4cm quartz on both the upper transaction top and lower top.

In the lobby you’ll see a walk-up market.  This is two separate cabinet units.  The surround is a 6″ x 6″ wood leg frame structure stained to match Wilsonart “Cafelle”.  The merchandise shelves in the market are stained wood to match Wilsonart “Carter Oak”.  Under the frame header we installed 3 puck lights in each unit.  The cabinet doors on the left unit feature 1/8″ thick frosted tempered glass panels; inside are pull-out drawers with frosted acrylic dividers.

Move to the breakfast area and you’ll see a 9.5′ x 9′ media wall.  This wall cabinet exterior and face frame is built using wood veneer with stain finish to match Wilsonart “Carter Oak”.  There are 16 different frame faces of varying sizes.  Within these frames we used a combination of elements including 3Form panels, mirrors, and artwork.  The 3Form panels are backlit using warm white LED lighting.

The coffee station, work area cabinets and quick print cabinet are Wilsonart “Carter Oak”.  The public restroom vanities are Cambria “Weybourne” 4cm quartz countertops and apron.

Creative Surfaces is thrilled to work with Hilton and be a national supplier for their high end hotel cabinetry needs on this Hampton Inn and other Hilton properties.   We  strive to put that “WOW” factor into every piece of material that comes into your hotel because we recognize that first impressions are important.  With a project from Creative Surfaces, you will get 30 years of experience and dedication to producing the highest quality possible every day.  No project is too big or too small.


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