MUV Fitness

Chapin, SC

Late 2021 our team of installers traveled to Chapin, SC to install the fitness center custom cabinetry at the new MUV Fitness location.  This project consisted of a front desk, retail display, barre training area with storage cubbies, rail and ceiling grid.  We also installed lockers, custom benches and vanities.

Let’s take a look.  The face and cabinets of the front desk is made using Wilsonart “Linen”; the half wall showcases an accent panel of 3Form Chroma “Apple” 1/2″ thick.  For the countertops we used Cambria “Colton” quartz on the working surface and transaction top with waterfall end panels.

The back panel of the retail display cabinet is Chemetal “Graphite Aluminum”.  The soffit, shelving and lower cabinets are Wilsonart “Linen”.  The display surround and countertop is Formica “Palma Polar” plastic laminate.  The soffit showcases an accent of 3Form Chroma “Apple”.

This fitness center offers 33 individual lockers with a lit valance – all made using Formica “Storm”.  The changing room bench with locking cabinets is made of Formica “Storm”; the bench top is Corian “Concrete” solid surface.  The lounge room bench/cabinet is Formica “Storm”; the upholstered back and side wall is Momentum Site Line “Radar”.  For the bench seat top we used Maharam Chime “Slate”.

The training room entry upper wall and soffit is Chemetal “Graphite Aluminum”; the lower wall is Wilsonart “Linen” with black reveals.  On the doors are the letters TRAIN – these are 3/16″ acrylic white letters with white vinyl faces.

In the training room and spinning room there are cubbies made using Wilsonart “Linen”.  Along the back wall are panels of Wilsonart “Satin Stainless” with a hidden LED lighting around the entire perimeter.  The MUV logo is vinyl print adhered to the wall.

The barre rail is Vita Vibe Barre of 1 1/2″ natural ash wood sanded smooth and mounted to 3/4″ x 6″ Pionite “Peach Cobbler” backerboard.  The cubbies in the barre area are also “Peach Cobbler”.  In addition to the fitness center custom cabinetry, we built this custom ceiling grid using 8″ strips of plywood covered with Pionite “Peach Cobbler” and hung from the ceiling using aircraft suspension cables.


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