Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD)

Sioux Falls, SD

There’s a new look at the FSD gates at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.  Late 2021 and 2022 we began building and installing custom airport gate cabinets and device charging stations.

There are a total of seven gates.  These new gate desks are built using Pionite “Opto Printatre” on the front exterior.  On the employee side cabinet exteriors we used Pionite “Royal Blue”.  The upper and lower countertops are Cambria “Foggy City” quartz.  The waterfall accent panel is Cambria “Skye” quartz.  The toekicks on all cabinets are polished stainless steel with color-changing LED lights.  The back wall panels and canopy were completed (by others).

In several of the gate areas you’ll find single and double sided device charging stations.  These stations are built using Pionite “Royal Blue” plastic laminate on the half wall face.  The upper and lower countertops/hoods are Cambria “Foggy City” quartz.

No project is too big or too small.  Every project we design, build and install is custom from start to finish.  We select elements that are unique and fun; elements that bring excitement and WOW to every finished project.  If you’re looking to built, remodel or add a new location to your business give us a call and let our talented team create a product that is visually thrilling.


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