Springhill Suites – Rockwall, TX

Rockwall, TX

Early 2017 took our install team to Rockwall, TX where they installed custom hotel cabinets and millwork for Springhill Suites. This project included the hotel reservation desk, market pantry, workroom, and general offices.  We also did the break room, business center, hotel lobby bar, breakfast bar , coffee bar and communal table.

The reception desk half wall and cabinets are made of Laminart Veneer “Bog Oak”.  The face of the desk showcases accents of 3 Form Moderna 1/4″ thick “Evo White” panels.  These panels were placed above the countertops of Cambria quartz “Snowdon White”.  Also used panels of Interlam “Celtic Core” backlit with color changing LEDs.  The market/pantry and soffit are made using the same Laminart Veneer.  The pantry retail shelving features a megawall aluminum slatwall with 1/2″ thick frosted plexi shelves.  Here we used Cambria “Snowdon White” for the countertops and bright white LEDs in the soffit for lighting.

In addition, we built the workroom, general offices, break room, business center and towel towers.  These are made using Wilsonart “Asian Night” plastic laminate with Wilsonart “Stainless Steel” plastic laminate countertops.  The conference rooms and lobby area have cabinets of Wilsonart “Asian Nights” with Cambria “Carrick” countertops.

Following your meetings, take a visit to the hotel lobby bar and breakfast buffet area.  Throughout this area we used a combination of Rift Cut Red Oak stained to match “Mocca Firewood” and Laminart Veneer “Bog Oak”.  The buffet cabinets have pocket doors and touch latch doors on cabinets.  The lobby bar features 1/4″ thick clear tempered glass insets with Cambria “Ella” quartz throughout the bar and back cabinets.  Finally, the 15′ communal table is made using Rift Cut Red Oak.  It features a divider hood with electrical outlets; and finished using Cambria “Snowdon White” quartz.


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