VandeWalle Architects

Sioux Falls, SD

It’s the fall of 2021 and VandeWalle Architects have moved into a new space on Phillips Ave in downtown Sioux Falls. They asked us for help with Cambria Foggy City design on the architect design table; as well as other designs for additional locations within the space they remodeled and moved into. Let’s take a look.

The design table is a multi-level table for designers to select and layout all the elements for a customers’ project. This table is 171″ x 48″ wide with one end lower than majority of the table. The quartz countertop is Cambria Foggy City design. This design offers a soft, cloudy white base with scatterings of faint white and translucent dots, subtle and consistent movement throughout.

We installed this same design for the blueprint wall that also serves as a copy station for employees.

The employee break area with beverage center showcases Cambria Charston quartz countertops. Charston features a dark base with shimmering hints of blue throughout.

The windowsills are Cambria Montana Midnight; a charcoal gray sprinkled with tiny black dots and ink spots that hover all around.

Cambria offers the broadest and most innovative quartz design palette in the industry. From timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary, you’re sure to find the perfect selection to elegantly complement your style or décor. Beauty should last. Period. That’s Cambria quartz countertops are stain, chip, and scratch resistant, and food safe.

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