Vero Beach Toyota

Vero Beach, FL

Summer 2020 took our install team to Florida to install auto dealer cabinetry we designed and built for Toyota Vero Beach.  This project was completed in partnership with Global Commercial Furnishings, Inc.

The project included a curved reception desk and credenza, the sales managers desk, a cafe counter, boutique display cabinets, service writers stations and back credenza with built in printer cabinet, cashier counter, retail parts front and back cabinets, coffee bar, tech parts counter, breakroom cabinets, conference room cabinets, forms cabinets and restroom vanities.

Throughout the project and in all areas we used Wilsonart “Phantom Charcoal” on the cabinets, half walls of all the desks and cafe counter.  We also used Cambria “Torquay” quartz on all the countertops.  Only in the breakrooms did we use Wilsonart “Phantom Charcoal” plastic laminate for the countertops.

Some special feature to note:

  1. The reception desk logo is 3/16″ thick black acrylic with brushed aluminum vinyl faces mounted directly to the front of the reception desk.
  2. This Toyota store is one of the first locations to co-brand with a Chick-fil-A cafe counter on their showroom floor.  We built and installed these counters and countertops as well.
  3. The boutique display cabinet features ten custom metal shelves powdercoated “matte black”.
  4. The service writers stations features divider panels of Chemetal “Brushed Aluminum”.
  5. The retail parts front desk utilizes 1/4″ thick clear tempered glass fronts to easily see retail products.  The countertops in this area are 14GA stainless steel with satin finish.
  6. The restroom vanities are 72″ floating “White Linen” concrete with 48″ trough sinks.

If you’re building or remodeling an auto dealership and you are in need of custom auto dealer cabinetry as well as signage let us be your first call.  We can assist you in designing, building and delivering a quality product that will WOW your customers.


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