Dear Mr. Pins –

I wanted to take a moment out of your busy day to provide you with feedback on the team that coordinated the project for Kingley Health.  I am sure there were many other players involved but I only had the pleasure of interacting with three, Joan, Isaac, and Cody.  I could not have asked for a better team than the one that was provided.  Through this entire project I have had to interact with multiple vendors for various parts of the project.  The team that I worked with from Creative Surfaces was superior.  Joan, proposed ideas and guidance in our project that were completely on point.  She managed the project from start to finish with professionalism, enthusiasm and always with the client in mind.  She truly understood that the first relationship is always the most important and have no doubt that she provides this level of service to first timers as well as long timers.  Her level of communication with me at every step was superb and there were never any surprises.  Her honesty was refreshing.  Her guidance was refreshing.  Her patience and understanding was refreshing.

Isaac and Cody were equally superb on site.  I have had to deal with electricians, plumbers, equipment installers, other millwork installers – I was truly blown away by the two of them.  They arrived on time every day.  They cleaned up and kept the area tidy every day after their work was complete.  They always communicated not just the problems but also the good things.  At no point, did they say “Well that’s what it says so it’s not my problem.”  They worked with the situation and made modifications as necessary on the fly. Not to mention the quality of their work and attention to detail.

The reaction we have gotten from our members on the quality of the design and carpentry has been outstanding.  We had one client just stand staring at Tazi’s Cafe with her mouth open speechless.

Ryan Kehl at Performance Foods put together a great layout and the Creative Surfaces team made it into a beautiful reality.

You have an excellent team and wanted to take a moment to recognize that.


Taz Sadhukhan

Chief Operating Officer, Kingley Health