Don’t just peek, let us tell you a little secret. You don’t need a prescription to wear glasses. Often times, it’s a conscious choice, something you do because you can. Everyone is doing it. It’s as deliberate a decision as a pixie cut and it can be just as trendy.   Glasses for the non-glasses wearer have become fashion necessities.  More than a passing trend, this is a look with so many different styles that anyone could pull it off.  Glasses are a fashion statement!  You can transform your look with a different pair everyday of the week.  If you choose to wear glasses, they shouldn’t just sit there. Have fun with your frames, mix-and-match them. After all, glasses are a powerful accessory. It’s up to you to get the most out of them.

And, where can you get a pair of these great, trendy glasses?  Whether you need prescription eye wear or glasses just for fun, stop on over to Rock County Eye Clinic in Rock Rapids, Iowa and let their professional team assist you in selecting the glasses that best fit your personality and style.  With the great service from the staff you might just decide you’ll need a few pairs to mix and match with various outfits.  

All the eye wear at Rock County Eye Clinic is displayed on these very cool display racks designed and built by the talented team of designers and craftsmen at Creative Surfaces.  If your business needs some fun and unique  custom commercial cabinetry, give us a call.  Everything we build is custom built – just for your business.  You got the idea…our team will assist in taking your ideas and creating something beautiful.  Call us today.  605.336.1572